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Winter Gardening Frost Covered Flower

When winter sets in most garden life withers and dies, not to be seen again until springtime. There are however some unique garden plants that can not only survive the winter, but actually thrive. Depending on where in the country you live will dictate what type of plant or shrub will work best for you.

The USDA uses a "hardiness map" that is split into 11 zones. By using this map you can narrow down what plant varieties will work best in your location. With some educational reading and imagination you can have a beautiful garden to look at year-round.

Landscaping Projects

With the changing of the season comes a new list of outdoor projects. Leaves need to be raked, gutters need to be cleaned and your home and lawn equipment need to be winterized.

Fall Leaf Cleanup

Leaf raking season is upon us. Take the opportunity to create a compost bin!

Clean Your Gutters

Fall is the time of year to clean and inspect your home's gutter system.

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